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Managing Director’s Message



Sd. Sodagar Singh

Managing Director

Managing Director of Gilly Mundy Memorial Community School GMMCS is a charity school and no money from the school leaves the school. All income is used entirely for the benefit of the school. We offer assisted places to children of parents on low income and we ask that parents with. financial difficulty come and talk to the Principal and Managing Director.

An educational institution is a storehouse of knowledge and wisdom. We are always looking for experienced and highly qualified teachers to join our school. Our efforts will always be to reach the highest possible standard. I welcome all with any interest in education to contribute their thoughts and ideas for future success.

With each year we have continuous improvement at Gilly Mundy Memorial Community School. Our aim is to provide a truly all round education so that when our students leave this place, they will be able to hold their heads high in society and become good citizens of our country.

Hence it is my humble request to the people of this district that they continue to help this noble venture succeed. You should feel pride to have played a key part in it.

On our part, we make a solemn promise that we shall continue to make all efforts too shape the young people of our Community into responsible and successful citizens.

Gilly Mundy Memorial Community School

Run by:

Buwan Kothi International Trust

Pioneer In Rural Education