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Our Facilities

Providing a pragmatic child-centred environment that makes learning a joyful experience


The school has a well-resourced library with books, periodicals and a variety of other resources that can be used for research, reference and new learning. Reading is encouraged in students from a very young age, as an independent way to learn and gain knowledge.

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smart classSmart Class

Smart classes as a modernized method of education in Indian education scenario which provides quality education to students by helping them in better concept formation, concept elaboration, improvement in reading skills and academic achievement.

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labScience Lab

Well-equipped and modernized laboratories are available for standard IV and above. The laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Languages, and Mathematics are equipped in accordance with the specifications and standards of international examination boards.

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houseHouse System

Gilly mundy memorial community school has assigned houses to all students to make competitive and provide stage to each student to show their creativity and enhance their intellect.

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culturalCultural Activities

Harvest strives to provide the opportunity to participate in and excel in the traditional and special cultural activities. Many life lessons and values are learnt and developed as pupils explore their God-given talents through participation in the variety of activities available to them.

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The GMMCS envisions overall developing the personality of their students in terms of mental, social and physical perseverance by way of well-planned, advanced and well-equipped sports program.

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